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Overview of the Folk Costumes of the Lemkos / Rusyns, Part 3 Šambron region.

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Today I will move slightly to the east, and talk about two group of villages whose Folk Costumes are similar, and have some similarity to that of Jakubany, but which are distinct from that of their other neighbors.

The first group includes the villages of Šambron, Bajerovce and Vislanka / Ďurková. I have been unable to find any information on the costume of the villages of Puste Pole or Kozelec. The second group includes the villages of Plavnica and Hromoš.

Šambron - Шамброн

Much of the women's costume is similar to that of Jakubany, including the shirt, bodice and both types of married women's caps. The sleeves of the dress shirt is today made of damask. They generally wear a shawl over the bodice, which gives a very different look. The skirts are currently worn much shorter, and have many horizontal tucks with topstitching. The aprons also have tucks and topstitching, but with a strong horizontal composition, and give a different effect than that of Jakubany.


Rusinske Trio, a known performing group singing wedding songs from Šambron and putting the crown on a bride before the ceremony.

A women's village group singing wedding ritual songs.They are taking the crown off a new bride and putting on the married womens' cap. This takes place after the church ceremony.  They then make the groom pay before he can dance with her.

A men's singing group from Šambron.

Bajerovce - Баїрoвeць

 As far as I can tell, the folk costume is the same or very similar to that of Šambron. Here are some images from the village website. Notice especially the outfits hanging on the wall of the festival stage.

A folk festival in Bajerovce 

 Vislanka / Ďurková - Вісланка / Дюркова

This pair of villages is closely connected. The costume which I have been able to find seems to be a simplification of the same basic outfit. Here is what I have been able to find.

The rest of these images are from the village website, but I am not certain if this performance was intended to represent Vislanka or some other village. 


The second group which I will cover today includes the two villages of Plavnica and Hromoš. They lie on the Poprad river. The folk costume seems to include elaborate embroidery of a different style on the sleeves and on the shawls, which are similar to those worn by unmarried girls on formal occasions in Jakubany. These costumes do not resemble those worn in the villages to the north. I have relatively little material on either village.

Plavnica - Плавниця

This village is not shown on the map above, but is just west of Hromoš. The village is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic, and has only a small percentage of Rusyn inhabitants.

Hromoš - Громош

 This village is just east of Plavnica, and lies north of Bajerovce close to the Poprad river.
The costume seems to be very similar to that of Plavnica. The young men in the images are wearing costumes from several villages, and a couple are wearing sheepskin vests from Podhale. The girls are wearing jackets, unfortunately. Some of the images are from Easter Monday, when Slavic people throw water on each other. Young men generally find this fun. It is unclear which of the young men actually represent this village.

Here is a short news story about the tradition of throwing water in this village.

If anyone has more information, please contact me with additions or corrections.

 Thank you for reading, I hope that you have found this to be interesting and informative.

Roman K.

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