Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kjolsäcken, Loose Pockets of Leksand, Dalarna, Sweden

The loose pocket is an important item of folk dress over much of Europe, and is especially decorative in Scandinavia. I found a number of sketches of pockets, kjolsäck, from Leksand on the website of the Nordiskmuseet, and I wish to share them here, along with a few photographs. These show a combination of applique and Leksand embroidery. First, the photos.

The following are sketches in the collection of the Nordiskmuseet of pockets from Leksand.

Such bags are used all over Scandinavia, and there are many local traditions as to their ornament.
Here is one example I found online. This photo shows a Leksand apron, but the bag is not. It is embroidered in the style of the parish of Floda, which lies just to the south. You can see that it is very different.

I hope that these will be useful to those who are interested in Swedish Costume.


Thank you for reading.
Roman K.



  1. may have told you before how much i enjoy your posts....I always learn something.

  2. Wondrous pockets. So interesting how similar they are to English 18c pockets, but these are so modern. Thank you

    1. These pockets are found over a very large part of Europe, from Portugal to Lithuania, especially in the West and North. In some places they were simple and worn under the skirt or apron, and in others they were highly decorated and worn on top, at least partly visible at the side of the apron.

  3. I just designed one of these Kjolsäcken (along with a Swedish traditional costume) for American Girl dolls! I wanted to make sure Kjolsäcken was the right word to use, and my search brought me here. Feel free to check out my Kjolsäcken pattern and offer your thoughts. Just google my name to find my website.